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Spring Loaded

Hey All,

Here are the thumbnails and the script for Spring Loaded, written by Maddy Beaupre and penciled by Rachael Wells. There is a printable PDF of the script here.


———————————————————————————–Page One (4 panels)

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Panel One ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Establishing shot of a large room inside the London Holmes Inc Headquarters. It’s kind of a multi-purpose rec room (possibly with desks and computers to one side, a table and chairs, maybe a couch and TV, and a workout area with mats, a hanging punching bag and some weights, but the walls have an older, Victorian look to them, possibly with wallpaper and wood trim).

Elizabeth and Edgar Holmes the First are sitting across from each other. A table with a chessboard and chess pieces are between them. Elizabeth is holding a chess piece in the air, just about to set it down and finish her move.

Behind them Trey is battling with the punching bag, working out.

Number Two has just walked into the room holding a file folder of papers.

Edgar Holmes the First:

Hmm, yes, you would make that move.


Excuse me?

Number Two:

Elizabeth: undercover mission. The Prime Minister’s daughter’s buying that new drug, Spring, from a friend.

It’s going to require a delicate touch.

FOR THE REST OF THIS SCRIPT (and the layouts again) GO HERE- the dedicated SPRING LOADED –  SCRIPT PAGE.

Or use the pull down menu bar for SCRIPT PAGES above, with luck, either should work.

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