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Ty’s Thoughts about the Sherlock Images in the designs

I’ve made a note on the glorious designs we have for the corridors that Pierce just sent in, and I felt it was worth sharing.

As much as I like the touches about Sherlock the First, such as keeping his original building intact, or using his profile on the back of the building,  and filling the wall cabinets with trophies of his career, keep this in mind:

Don’t mire ALL the history in the Victorian era.  This family has been prominent for the whole century.  Edgar and Sherlock II knew Kennedy, and Clinton.  They helped Tony Blair, Magaret Thatcher, Reagan, Ghandi, Churchill and Obama…the display cases should have photos of the various versions of the high tech deerstalkers through the decades, and modern weaponry next to the swords.  Elizabeth has helped Nelson Mandela and Putin out of two different assassination attempts in the last year alone.  This isn’t just the Sherlock Holmes Museum, remember, this is the HOLMES FAMILY building/museum.  Everyone in this family is world famous, not just their famous progenitor.

CONSIDER THIS:  If you went to Drew Barrymore’s office,  you wouldn’t expect the entire display case to be dedicated to Lionel Barrymore, simply because her grandfather was wildly famous seventy five years ago.  There would be a few Photoplay covers up on her wall, I’d expect, everyone is proud of their family, but we don’t want to OVER-EMPHASIZE Sherlock, or the rest of the family looks like second rate characters.  I see our characters as MORE kick-ass than Holmes, and we shouldn’t ever make them seem like cheap copies.  They’re his equals, and their environment should reflect it.

HOLMES INC. should strut their own history a little more.

Keep the gorgeous work coming, fellow air breathers.


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  1. Robert Pincombe
    June 10, 2010 at 2:23 am

    Please don’t feel you have to have the original Sherlock’s cameo image on my exterior design. It was more to show that they can use create images on the glass of the building and add any design they want. Changing colours etc.

    They can show movies, updates, designs, artwork from their collection when Baker Square hosts events etc. It’s a way to show they’re active in their community too.

    But we don;t need to have any of this for our stories… yet!

  2. June 10, 2010 at 5:56 am

    All understood. I was just making a note that too much of the design work was focusing unduly on one era of the family history, when it should be more about the ENTIRE last century, and not just the history of the family in Sherlock’s time.

  3. June 10, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    I know that this is also from the old school era, but wouldn’t there be at least some Irene Adler in the make up somewhere? Maybe in the museum? She was THE WOMAN, according to Holmes. She was a famous actress and was one of the only people to best Holmes. Plus she had his baby and is the reason that there is an Inc. at all.

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