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The Game is once again, AFOOT!

Welcome to Holmes Incorporated:  Issue #2.

This is going to be great fun.

Here is where we’ll be exchanging ideas and designs – a central location to use as a reference tool.

As reference tool #1:  Here’s the original character/series bible that got the whole thing rolling.  There have been minor changes to it as the characters were refined in the first issue, but the basic, basic ideas are here, and it’s best to read it as you get started.  It also helps if you read the comic through and through:

This one. Read this one.

This website is set up to show you the original design packs and scripts from last year as quickly as your fingers can tap the buttons, look up top for pull down menus to take you to the places they promise.

Up top there, click on these pages, and you'll see stuff you need to see.

You’ll find turnarounds for our main characters, brief descriptions of them, and the original scripts they star in (often in plot/story map form as well as final versions).  You’ll also find designs for locations, objects and gadgets used in the first issue, like these images of the “Deerstalker” aircraft used in the series by Rob Oakman and Draake (Derek) Herd.

Pretty cool, huh? But everything in these story bibles are!

And all with original notes and comments intact.

When you need a location or a gadget that’s already been designed from one of our stories (in either issue one, or the 2nd issue you guys are creating) , you’ll find your bible sheet here.  When you have a new location or gadget to add to the bible, you’ll send to us, and we’ll tag it and post it here for everyone to comment on it.

The categories to the right are things that are in development,  from first to final designs etc., as they’re posted so there’s much more stuff to the right.  It USUALLY works out that finals move from the right to the top when they’re approved, but I just found an Elizabeth design that wasn’t where it was supposed to be, so it’s always best to check both sections, even for final designs.

I feel like I’m explaining the wheel at this point.  I’m sure you get how the site works.

Welcome to Issue #2, we get started in earnest later today.  See you as you get here.

Ty the Guy.  Scraping the game off his foot.

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