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Issue #2 Story List – rough draft

WOW, there were great ideas flying around that room.  It ran a little longer than last year, because we went from seven pitches to 13, so I hope we’re forgiven for going until the big hours.

Here’s the list of writers and stories that were decided upon, reproduced from my slightly hard to read notes.  These “titles” and descriptions are astoundingly vague, so please writers: amend them and solidify them in the comments section or by email to Rob and myself (tybunny@gmail.com    and     pinc@rogers.com) so that this list goes from goofy titles and ideas to specific titles and ideas.

Unattached Artists:  Look at the unattached writers and start considering what sounds fun to play with.



THE WRITERS– (in alphabetical order by first name, cause that’s how my list is…)
1. Aaron Feldman –
Elizabeth survives a plane crash…and shoots someone who deserves it.
-featuring Elizabeth and Number 2 (on the radio and on the way).

Rob – Yup. Awesome story revealing who the real badass of Holmes Inc. is and why Elizabeth is in charge in the field. We also liked the idea that Elizabeth is calling upon her father’s harsh training. After all, she is the daughter of a Holmes and a Watson. But the focus should still be on the here and now as much as possible. She takes down a slave operation and the Holmesian genius is a key factor. Let’s really see how Number Two earns his keep on the team with his organization and real world cleverness.

2. Darius Fox –
Trey’s “Catwoman”.
-featuring Trey, Ryan, and I’m unsure of the third character from my scribbly notes.

Rob – The third character Ty is trying to remember is the mysterious “collector” from James’ story. We also wanted to make sure the thief was closer to Trey’s age to make it less icky! Some nice chance to see more of Trey and Ryan’s relationship.

3. Dino Caruso-
Holmes Inc. vs Ogopogo.
– Old Edgar and Artie.

Rob – We loved the idea of Edgar the first taking a shine to Artie. It fits because Edgar is the one who hired him in the first issue. Artie’s pranking gets a chance to shine as well.  Just need a good motivation for the villain. All baddies should all have serious reasons for what they do, even if those reasons are screwed up.

4. James Cooper –
The Curious Case of the Spyglass Collector from Beyond the Grave!
– Elizabeth and Trey investigate the grave robbing of Sherlock Holmes’ Spyglass.

Rob – This Collector character can hook up to the mysterious client in Darius’ story.  Make sure the competition factor in this story is sufficiently different from the competition in issue #1’s “Peril In Paris”.

5. Kathleen Gallagher-
The Rodeo is Afoot, Ms. Watson!
-Edgar and Elizabeth find nefarious goings-on back in Texas.

Rob – Nice visuals, as noted by Gibson.  We just asked Kathleen to find a Holmes-worthy plot to foil.

6. Mike Marano-
Artie-ficial Intelligence.  The Ghost in the Machine Comes Out.
-Artie vs. the Computer.  (remind me of the support cast, or is it a full team story?)

Rob – Mike first pitched the idea of the Moriarity files going into a new bio-tech liquid memory core that absorbs a techie then looks for Sherlock Holmes and zeros in on the two surviving people who share that name: Trey and her Dad Number Two.  We’d also have Artie involved as the resident computer genius. We did throw out the possibility that Artie could be absorbed by the computer instead of the lab tech.

7. Rob Pincombe
The Mind Spiders of Madagascar.  Siblings and Spiderwebs.
-Edgar and Trey

Rob – Ty wanted my story to more clearly use the Trey and Edgar story so no other characters would do. Came up with the fact that Edgar is less effective in the field with Trey because he worries more about her than any other team member.  Ty hated my lazy ending so I shall endeavor to come up with something worse.

8. Sam Ruano
The South Pole Conundrum
-Edgar II, Elizabeth, Sherlock II (Number Two)

Rob – We all loved the setting of a biotech mine in Antarctica. The idea that Number 2 has also invested int he company gives a nice sense of questionable loyalties here. Elizabeth’s biology background makes her an excellent choice and the fact that she is the one infected by the plants makes Edgar and Number Two’s job that much more challenging.


9. Derek Herd
TBA  But we need an Artie and/or Elizabeth story, those characters are running short.  As are the two old men, and Ryan.

10. Marshall Geddes
The Green Blooded Hoax (an angry person from Edgar’s Past tries to outwit him with a hoax mystery that cannot be solved.)
-Edgar and (I’m going to impose Artie on this story as these two are never put together and Artie is the hoax king.)

Rob – The idea of a hoax with no apparent solution is a fun challenge. Might want to come up with a stronger motivation for the villain than spurned love.

11. Rain
Each According To Their Own… (Manipulating Trey into a fight at the Card Table)
-featuring Old Edgar, Artie and Trey.

Rob – We loved that it showed Edgar the first was not above manipulating his family. The Casino Royale/Vegas type setting is fun as well.

12. Vince Tourangeau
Edgar And His Pharmaceutical Adventures
-featuring Edgar, Elizabeth and perhaps more.

Rob – We liked the mix of responsibilities here: Elizabeth is experimenting and Edgar uses the drug in the name of science. Having to hide his problem is nice problem for Edgar and having to pin down a master detective is a good challenge for Elizabeth.

13. Yolanda Cheung
Undersea Pirates of the Lost Australian Reef.  What, no Villains?
-my notes say Edgar and Trey, but I can’t tell if that’s for another story.

Rob – Yoland pitched Elizabeth and Edgar for this.  If someone is under-served could they be switched out?  Elizabeth is the doctor/biologist so she totally fits here.  Undersea diving suits rock. We liked that they keep the secret since no one is being hurt.

OVERALL: There’s only two stories each with Edgar the First and No. #2 as leads where the others get at least four stories as main characters (young Edgar gets 6!).  Let’s not forget the old men in the other stories, where they might be on the radio, on the viewscreens when checking into headquarters etc. Keep them around as background characters if they’re not your leads (unless it’s completely out of the question for the story).

ALSO:  Artie is surprisingly under-represented in the stories that got chosen (though not in the pitched ideas) so I added Artie to Marshall’s story, and would like to see if Derek can get Artie into whatever he comes up with.

Ty the Guy

PS:  If you just got here, scroll down for yesterday’s post of welcome and joy.

Rob – Here is the current rundown of character appearances (not including Draake’s pitch yet):

Edgar II  is in 6 stories.

Elizabeth is in 6 stories.

Trey is in 5 stories.

Artie is in 4 stories.

Number Two is in 3 stories.

Edgar the First  is in 2 stories.

Ryan is in 1 story.

As you can see, Edgar II, Elizabeth and Trey are well represented, Artie is a tad underused and the old men need some serious love. Ryan too, though he is pretty Trey specific.

Keep in mind Ty’s suggestion of seeing the others on screens, on radio,  at HQ, etc.

We can also reference the other characters. “Number Two has ordered a counter-strike” or “Artie’s working on a hack but for now we’re on our own.” “Ryan will kill me. I’m supposed to meet him at eight.” etc.

Another way to make Artie’s presence felt is to remember he is is a practical joker. So we can see the results of his pranks even if we don’t see him, much like the blowgun in issue one.

That’s it for now. See you all Wednesday night!

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  1. Kathleen
    March 4, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    Issue two is gonna be sweeeeeet!

  2. March 6, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Agreed! these pitches were stronger all around than issue #1, IMHO.

    Should be a sweet comic once its all said and done.

  3. Vince Tourangeau
    March 6, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Working title: Intervention

    A reality-warping drug-fueled Edgar becomes the mega-monstrous Ed-Gar and goes on a rampage in London!

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