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Preparing Outlines for Wednesday

Hey Fit To Print creators!

It looks like we are taking Fit To Print to a new level so we want everyone to bring their very best to every aspect of these stories.

That starts with Wednesday. We’ll be really working through the outlines so here are some key things to keep in mind…

SOLO WRITER stories (those that include solo writers and artists) will be SEVEN PAGES long.

Those stories that were pitched by WRITER-ARTISTS (double contributors) will be FIVE PAGES long.

Either way you have limited space so try not to overfill the tales.  Make every panel count!


For WEDNESDAY night’s meeting we do NOT need the stories broken down into page counts and panel counts.  There’s going to be too many changes after Wednesday’s class to ask for full story maps!

This is just synopsis, told quickly through the points of the story, not a full script draft by any means. Just take us through the beats of the story, relationships and clues, etc.

Format is up to you. You’ll be doing this verbally so make sure you can read it though! But don’t get bogged in too much detail, ie. dialogue and over-describing the action.

Let’s look to having the synopsis as four hundred words (or less!), so that it can fit on no more than two pieces of paper, and can be read out loud in three to four minutes, tops, either by the author, (or by myself, should you prefer).

If you need to write more than that for a story breakdown, your story will not fit into 5 to 7 pages, I promise.

NO story maps, no impossible to read handwritten napkins, please.  Authors, expect to take notes, as the biggest tweaks and edits come after this draft.


I really want the artists to have a sense of what they want to work on and why by the end of the day, as final teams will be announced a few days later.  And writer/artists, we may well be shuffling you around as well, so consider the other stories you’re hearing from your group as possible tales for your art brains.  We’ve had a few requests for stories already, but two days from now your time runs out.

Double 0 Elementary, friends.

Pinc and Ty the Guy!

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  1. James Cooper
    March 10, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    Great meeting last night. As good as the pitches were last week, this week everyone really brought their A game to their stories.

    This is turning out to be one hell of a book!

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