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Elizabeth Survives By Aaron Feldman

Story opens with flashback of young Elizabeth Watson (nine or ten) subjected to rigorous and taxing training regiment by her father – tall, sophisticated man with hard face. (I see her crawling through obstacle course while her father looks on, quizzing her about something [maybe details of early Holmes
and Watson case, or properties of certain poisons]). She runs towards a fence to jump over, but suffers minor shock, as fence is electric. Her father scolds her, tells her to always be looking for clues, that things aren’t always what they seem…

Cut to present day. Elizabeth lying on her back in middle of jungle. At least one leg is broken, arm bleeding profusely. Near her is wreckage of shot down Deerstalker. Through captions, she forces herself to stay awake and crawl, keep moving.

In a safe spot, intercom crackles, and Number 2 urgently asks what  appened. She explains that when she went to examine mysterious disappearances of local tribespeople in area, her plane was shot down. 2 Tells her other deerstalker is on the way, and should be there in 1 hour.
In 2’s intercom room, he’s contacted by Artie – told there’s a dire hostage situation taking place in whereverthefuck. 2 struggles with whether to divert Elizabeth’s rescue to save hostages. Tells Artie to send Deerstalker to resolve hostage situation first.

2 contacts Elizabeth, telling her that rescue is going to take another few hours. He tells her he made decision because he knows she can handle herself; she’s a survivor. As they’re talking, Elizabeth is distracted by something – ends communication. Elizabeth notices this brand of flower is indigenous to North America*, and that tree’s foliage is too mature for this time of year**. She realizes island she’s crashed on is artificial. She follows trail to…

An underground port, where women and children are rounded up into large storage crates, put onto ships. Four or five armed guards watch while ringleader menaces menacingly. Elizabeth, still wounded, steels herself, dives into fray, disarming the guards, diehard style.
At her mercy, Lead Menace sneers that Holmes inc has no jurisdiction over island, since it’s sovereign yadda. Elizabeth says he’s right, unlatching safety of her gun. Panicking, LM objects she’d never get away with it, other Holmes’s would find out about it. Elizabeth shoots him in forehead – says she’ll
solve that problem when she gets to it.
*potential reference: http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Wild-Flowers-Of-North-America-How-Native-
**this can be interspersed with captions from her father’s Mind-Your-Surroundings speech

DISCUSSED IN CLASS ON MARCH 9: A suggestion was to tie the hostage situation that diverts the second Deerstalker to what’s going on in the underground port, allowing Artie to potentially show up at the end and quickly deduce what’s going on, or even to simply be heard over the intercom.

It was ALSO brought up, though, that that might marginalize 2’s involvement somewhat, that he should be slightly more involved in the story. Would it be too audacious to have Number 2 complicit with Elizabeth’s decision to murder the slaver at the end? He is, after all, the tactical/political one. He doesn’t have to go out and say “shoot him”, but I could see it play out like this:

Lead Bad Guy sneers that they have no jurisdiction, he’ll walk, diplomatic immunity etc. Elizabeth unlatches (uncocks?) the safety of her gun. Panicking, LM objects she’d never get away with it, other Holmes’s would find out about it. Number 2, from his control room, has a grave and thoughtful
expression on his face, and then slowly turns off the intercom. The rest plays out more or less as discussed, possibly ending with number 2 coming back on the intercom and saying that he lost contact for a second, is everything alright?

Is that okay? Do you see that working with Number 2’s character?


I like that scene.  Especially as it is entirely about character, and their relationship.  This is coming along GREAT!



Hi Aaron,

Ty beat me to it!  Your solution sounds terrific to me. It will take fewer panels to show that then Artie’s arrival and assessment of the situation. It also shows Number 2 is a true pragmatist. And it helps reinforce this as a story about their relationship.
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