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IGOPOGO. Story map AND synopsis by Dino Caruso

Dino has reworked a story map from the notes he got earlier in the week, so I’m posting the most recent story map, along with the synopsis that received notes along the way.


Story Map…broad strokes version 1 (more detailed map yet to come)

Page 1 – Old Edgar and Artie are en route to Canada. Panel one has a shot of the deerstalker streaking through the sky. Reference that the Holmes Inc. boat (North American model) is already waiting in Lake Simcoe. We establish that Artie believes that Igopogo was indeed real, but the one that died in the 70s was the last of its kind (we make some reference to how the lake had been scanned regularly since the 70s). I’d like to show that Old Edgar is enjoying the boy’s company, and that he sees some of himself in Arite.

Page 2 – Some flashbacks to the events of the 70s. Perhaps we change the panel boarders or alter the greytones to explicitly show that this is a flashback. We need to have, in the first two pages, some evidence that Artie is questioning just how useful Old Edgar will be in the field.

Edgar postulates that this new beast must be a clone of the original. It’s the only way to explain it’s sudden appearance. He may have even been keeping tabs on the General, and knows he was working for Bastard Co. all these years. He puts together that the General must be behind the beast’s reappearance.

Page 3 – The next day. We’re on the boat and we’re searching for the monster. They find it…it’s real, and it’s ferocious. It’s heading toward Beaverton.

Page 4 – Artie whips out the hologram (which was a prank) to slow the beast down until they come up with a concrete plan. Artie is very confident they will. Meanwhile Old Edgar notices the clues (3 clues associated with Nanomagnetic Remote Control) that lead him to realize that the beast is being controlled by Nanomagnetic Remote Control. He tells Artie what he’s learned.

Page 5 – Artie solves the problem of how to negate the magnetic field. He hustles down to the boat’s lab, grabs the doohickey that’s attached to the scanning electron microscope, runs back up, tells one of the crew to get as close to Igopogo as possible (while that’s happening, I’d like Igopogo 2.0 to realize that the hologram is no threat, and he resumes his trek toward Beaverton) and …

Page 6 – Artie jumps off the boat, scampers up the beast’s neck and puts the doohickey on his head…the effect of the nanomagnets is immediately nullified. The beast “stands down”.

Page 7 – Skip ahead. The Holmes team was able to localize where the command centre for the remote control device is, and they bust in with the authorities and find the Old General and his cronies. We end up on a lighter note where Artie (who’s always respected the old man’s intellect) now suddenly gains respect for Old Edgar’s ability to still contribute in the field.

——————————————-story map finished.  Second draft of Synopsis to follow.


—–Untitled IGOPOGO story
Synopsis written by Dino Caruso

Little bit of background knowledge on Igopogo, the Lake Simcoe Sea Monster…

The setup: Artie and Old Edgar are in Canada (specifically the Lake Simcoe/Barrie/ Orillia area) to look into some bizarre sightings that have occurred. Old Edgar specifically wanted to come because he was reminded of a case file from many years ago. Old Edgar asks Artie to come along because he’s local to the scene.

During that old case, years ago in 1976, it was discovered that the monster was indeed real, but it was the last of its kind. Igopogo (a gentle and harmless creature) was killed by an overzealous Army General who was commanding the investigation. Old Edgar thought it was a terrible crime against nature that the beast was killed.

But now…it’s happening all over again. There’s been a sighting.

Initial character relationship: Old Edgar is bonding with Artie. He seems to be taking some pleasure in the boy’s sense of humour and skills. He sees some of himself in Artie. Artie, however, wonders how useful the old dude will be in the field.

Some other facts from many years ago: That crackpot General carted the body of the beast away and had his team study it. The General wanted to weaponize the creature, and create a whole bunch of them to add a terrifying dimension to Canada’s military capabilities. Old Edgar used political pressure to ensure that the project was scuttled and the General was relieved of duty.

The present: The creature surfaces again while Old Edgar and Artie are in Canada. It heads toward Beaverton intending to wreak havoc. When suddenly … (!) another monster appears in the water behind it. This one is all
Artie’s doing. He had a prank ready. He didn’t believe the CURRENT reports of the monster were real, so he created a hard-light hologram version of Igopogo that he was going to spring on the researchers and the authorities. But now, he uses that hologram to fight the real Igopogo and defend the noble Beavertonites.

The twist: The General, now working for a nefarious corporation which agreed to continue the research into Igopogo 2.0, was able to have the original beast cloned, made more ferocious and trained to follow commands through Nanomagnetic Remote Control…a system to remotely control cellular activity and reflexive behaviour. The General is going to destroy Beaverton to show his employers the ability of the controlling device. The research was pioneered at the nearby University of Buffalo!

The End: While Artie is holding off the beast using his hologram monster, Old Edgar notices some things. First, the compass on the boat starts spinning wildly because of the use of magnetism. Second, the temperature in the water near the beast is warmer than in other parts of the water…this is a side effect of using the device (he knows this because the team deployed sensors in the water while they were investigating). Third, he sees changes in fluorescent patterns when the beast is about to strike…this is another side effect of using the device. These three observations allow Old Edgar to determine that Nanomagnetic Reomote Control is being used to manipulate the beast. He tells Artie.

Once Artie is told that the manipulation is magnetic in nature, he knows what to do…
The boat they’re on has a science lab with a scanning electron microscope. The microscope is contained within a frame that cancels out magnetic fields. Artie grabs the frame and leaps out of the boat and puts the frame on the beast’s head, thus canceling the effects of the behaviour control.

Once the beast is subdued, Artie and Edgar trace the direction of where the magnetic remote control was coming from, and the General is busted.

The beast is free to peacefully roam Lake Simcoe. Artie gains a new respect for the field abilities of Old Edgar.

The science:
For the nanomagnetic remote control…

For the device to cancel magnetic fields…




I like this small reworking of the story…it focuses more on our heroes, and their relationship, and I LOVE that Artie has to run up the back of a rampaging monster.  Great visual, great action moment and bravery, too.   Make sure you include the idea that Artie DOES believe that the monster WAS real, but doesn’t believe the current one could be, as the original is dead. (He would believe his grand-uncle just out of respect.)

ALSO:  I’m still not sure how the hologram can actually get into a fight with a real creature.  Can you use the hologram to lure IGOPOGO somewhere without fighting with it?  Or create a robot/hoax creature that’s not made entirely of light, but has mechanical parts?  It’s a little like getting a TV signal to fight godzilla, to fight with a hologram… it doesn’t make sense.

But I’m digging much of the rest of the story.  Glad that you tweaked according to some of the notes from last round.  Excellent!



My thought about the hologram was that it would be “hard light”, like the holograms on the ST: TNG holodeck. Those holograms had the ability to interact with people, get punched, shake hands, etc.
My thought was that Artie had created something like that.
If it’s too much though, of course, I’ll rework it to something less Roddenberrian.
Yeah, I think a “Hard Light” hologram projector is a bit of a double gimmie in a story with a living sea monster in it.  It adds that hint of “too many non-real elements” in one seven page story.  You can have a real sea monster, or a real hard-light projector, but not both in the same short tale.

Which requires just a bit more cleverness to use a non-physical object in your solution, but these are clever people.  I suggest the device is used to herd the creature, to scare it, to manipulate it into charging something, etc.

Ty the Guy.

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