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Green Blooded Murder – Young Edgar and Dr. Churn

Hello all. So sorry I had to miss Wednesday’s class. But the revised scripts and sketches that have been flying in have helped me keep my Holmes Inc. mojo going!

Rain has done some initial designs for Marshall’s “Green Blooded Murder” tale of mayhem and revenge.

First up is young Edgar.

As Rain says, “As requested, he’s drawn in a Holmsian overcoat with “poufy” shirt underneath. Although he looks like a cross between John Pertwee and Bea Arthur, I think it communicates the basic direction Marshall wanted for the outfit… although I think it needs more detail.”

Wow.  Is it possible Edgar looks even more pompous as a college student?
Ty’s initial response?  GORGEOUS!
Rain let us know that Marshall wanted the overcoat for Edgar’s present-day adventure in New York and we may also look forward to a scarf as well. A touch of the old Tom Baker?

Next up, Rain shared a quickie sketch of the main baddie – the renegade Dr. Churn (despite a small mispelling on the design itself.)

For me, I am liking the small details like the pin-stripey pants, the hospital ID tag, and the somewhat menacing, bushy eyebrows. A very distinctive villain, Rain.

Comments are encouraged!


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