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Scripts are (mostly) up! Oh MY are they good!

If you head up to the top of the page, the pull-down menus have a bunch of new scripts uploaded.  We’re missing only Aaron’s script form of his seven pager, and I have become too sleepy to add notes to Mike’s script tonight.  (tomorrow, I promise).  The five pagers are heading up as well, but the pressure is looser as the artists know their own scripts, uploaded or not.  Anyway, I’m going to bed.  If you get a chance, read and comment on these amazing plots and dialog you’re up against.  No one is phoning this in, peeps.  There’s plenty of rich chocolately goodness up there.

Ty the guy

I’d just like to add there are several reasons why every artist and writer should read all the scripts.

First and foremost, they are awesome and give us a chance to read and learn from numerous writers’ unique approaches.

Second, knowing what’s in each script in this book allows us to create consistency: the same gadgets, cross-referencing and repeated dialogue tics can make the book feel like one piece.

Third, we should all feel a sense of ownership over the whole book, not just our one story! Let’s really cheer each other on and challenge one another to up our game.

And finally, I just learned so much from Ty’s notes on my dialogue that I can’t imagine anyone else who reads them couldn’t take something away from it as well. I think we all will look at our scripts and find new ways to pare down.

That’s my two cents. Carry on!

Pinc (Rob)

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