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Safe! – Dastardly Malachai Design

Hey all. The progression of Rae’s designs for the villain in “Safe” is an excellent primer on how to make each of our characters distinctive.

First up, Rae designed a cool pocket/utility knife to help Elizabeth’s quest for  survival and justice.

Love, love, love the pocket knife design. Rae got kudos all around for it.

Rae also submitted this initial design for the vile and villainous Malachai.

We all loved the basic design for Malachai with Aaron particularly liking his evil smirk. Ty then suggested Rae push it a little further to make our villain more memorable.

Love, Love, Love the knife, and the basic design of Malachai.  HOWEVER, I find his overall appearance a little less “visual” that works for this story.  I’m not saying give him battle armor and a cape, obviously…but I want something that allows his visuals to be memorable as we recall the story a week later, when it really counts.

Can we unique him up a bit?  An odd shirt, rather than a common one…an odd haircut that really re-enforces our sense of his weasel face?  Perhaps a piece of jewelry that is evocative?  A gold tooth?  A missing finger?  A really showy design running up his leg?  AN ornate handle on his dagger?  This is comics, and we can’t rely on the actor to be charismatic, we have to dress him with a little more costume the sell his character.

I LOVE the face…I don’t think he’s a memorable enough visual though.  Don’t go cliche, but go unique character, not face in the crowd.

Rachel more than rose to the challenge and came up with this!

Rae summarized her updates thusly:

OK, I’ve done some detailing:

– Streaky hair that is shoulder length, slicked back but loose and wavy at the back, although this may be a little more badger than weasel (a little bit inspired by a dude I saw on his celphone outside the bank office today, only his wasn’t streaked)

– Megalodon shark tooth (3″ or 3.5″ tooth) necklace

– circle/oval scar on his arm that we’ll later realize is from where a kid bit him one time. Possibly missing the end of his left pinky for the same reason.

– pinky ring on his right hand (I’m open to suggestions of what it would be, or whether it’s too much)

-If it’s OK to give him a whole dinosaur thing, his pinky ring and knife handle could be dinosaur bone.

Ty’s response mirrored my own.

YES YES YES  You won me at the streaked black and white skunk hair, and then the bite on the hand and a shark tooth around the neck.  I’m in love.  The pinky is the icing on the cake.  This is a great character.  Great.  He’s someone I’m going to remember an hour after I read about him.  He’s got visual.  You won me over, like a happy school child.

Ty the Guy.  Gushing at the work.

And that my friends is how you push the design! – Rob

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