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Safe! – Thumbnails by Rachel

Hi All,

Rachel has already made  changes to these layouts, as we saw last night. But Ty wanted everyone to see the notes so we can all learn from everyone else’s progress. – Rob


The final three pages were Rae’s initial roughs.



Ty had some minor tweaks to suggest and supported them by drawing examples over Rae’s thumbnails. See what you think.

These are coming along beautifully.  Here’s some very minor tweaks to make ’em perfect.

Page 1)  The obstacle course should lead from panel two, not panel one.  It can wind around and end up where it does now, but it’s starting from the wrong side of the panel

Page 2) Tweak the figure of Elizabeth on the ground up…let’s not cover her shoulders, it’s interrupting the silhouette of the figure when we don’t need to.

Page 3)  Most of the figures are a little too big for the panels they’re in.  We need a little breathing room for the lettering, and to give the figure a sense of mass.

Page 4) Again, the figure in the last panel is too tight to the edge of the panel.  Breathing room.

The last three pages:  Much the same has to be looked at…there’s no breathing room for the figures, they’re all a little crowded into their spaces.  Especially on page 6.  You don’t have to redraw anything, you can do what I did in the attached jpgs, and just adjust in photoshop, grab the figures and drop ’em back to about 85 % and they’ll flow a little better.

One note: On page six, the large figure of Elizabeth about to shoot the bad guy is not posed correctly.  No one shoots a gun like that, the brunt of the impact up your shoulder would be all wrong.  When holding a weapon, you brace yourself against the kickback, moving your chest and spine perpendicular to the weapon, not parallel to it.  Get up and pose it and you’ll see the thrust of your arm would be carried into your collarbone, and across to the other arm, without turning at the shoulder.  (That page is a little unforgiving to those tiny panels up top..consider giving them a little more space, and perhaps shrinking the big figure by about 15 %).

Last night we took a moment to pose out the big execution panel and Rae took photographcs home to work out the posing.  Team problem solving rules! – Rob





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