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The Old Man and the Sea Monster – Updated Script!

Hey all,

Here is Dino’s updated script for Igopogo.  He did up two versions but I think you will all agree with Ty’s decison that the one WITH the hologram beastie provides much better comic book imagery. Enjoy!  – Rob


Script for Holmes Inc. Volume two


Written by Dino Caruso

Page 1 –—————————————————————–


Old Edgar and Artie are the focus of this panel. We have a tight shot on the two of them. This panel will be an inset in the much larger second panel.

Artie: Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be back at the command centre where it’s safer?

Old Edgar: Nonsense, boy! This brings back memories of my days in the Royal Navy. Now then…shall we continue with the briefing?


The camera pulls back and we see that the two of them are seated on the deck of the Holmes Inc. Marine Exploration and Research Vessel. This shot is from behind them, over their shoulders. We can’t see the whole ship, but we know that they’re on one now.

They’re talking while Artie has four different windows open on his laptop…with one, he’s reviewing the history of Lake Simcoe scans. With another, he’s playing long distance chess against a supercomputer. With another, he’s trying to find the best place to eat in Toronto. With the last, he’s planning an elaborate hologram prank that looks like a sea monster.

Old Edgar has a regular paper file folder of his old Igopogo mission in his hands. He’s looking over to check out Artie’s computer. Old Edgar is seated in his wheelchair. There’s a picture of General Madlock (more about him soon) paperclipped to the folder.

CAPTION: Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

Artie: Sure, just let me close down some of these windows.

Old Edgar: Windows, eh? Let’s see what you’ve got brewing.

Arite: Well, I’ve been reviewing the new reports of the monster sightings, playing chess against Wilson, looking for a good restaurant in Toronto and…errr…working on some hologram schematics.



Or Tentative title 2: THE RETURN OF IGOPOGO

Written by: Dino Caruso

Illustrated by: Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan

Lettered by: Keiren Smith


A wide shot shows the entirety of the ship. We can still see Artie and Edgar on the deck as they continue to talk.

Old Edgar: Holograms! Hah! Monkeyshines, no doubt…

Artie: Errr…weren’t we gonna talk about Igopogo?


Close shot on Old Edgar as he looks back at his file folder again.

Old Edgar: Igopogo. Indeed.

Old Edgar: Well…it was 1976…


Page 2 –———————————————————————–

Some flashbacks to the events of the 70s. Perhaps we change the panel boarders or alter the greytones to explicitly show that this is a flashback. Edgar will narrate the flashbacks.


Old Edgar (1970s version) and his research team have found the monster. The boat they’re on in the flashback is smaller and less sophisticated than the present model. There is music coming from a set of external speakers (maybe we show a few musical notes and some lyrics like: “still crazy after all these years…”). It would no doubt be a hi-fi system with genuine LP record albums.

The monster is docile. It’s close to the boat.

This page will be narrated by Old Edgar in Caption boxes.

NARRATION: There had been a rash of “sea monster” sightings in Lake Simcoe and we quickly discovered that the beast, called Igopogo, was real…and apparently very docile and intelligent.


The government troops (air force, navy, etc.), led by the bastard General (who we haven’t seen yet) come in…helicopters, boats. This will be a wide shot, showing the incoming troops.

NARRATION: However as is so often the case, the military…led by that fiend General Madlock… had its own agenda regarding scientific discoveries.


The monster gets agitated. It rears up. It snarls or roars.

NARRATION: They were upon us very quickly. We had no time to lure Igopogo to safety.


We see a close up of the general on one of the Canadian Navy ships.

General: FIRE!

NARRATION: That damnable Madlock was scheming to clone the beast in an attempt to weaponize it. He was soon drummed out of the service after the holy hell I raised on Downing Street.

5- Igopogo is gunned down, while Edgar cries out.

Old Edgar (1970s version): Noooo!

NARRATION: Madlock and I crossed swords several times after that…Latest intel placed him in Buffalo working with some privateer miscreants. That was about a year ago.


Page 3 – back in the present again.————————————————


We’re back in the present again. Old Edgar is emotional after his reminiscing.

Old Edgar: You know, I never was able to get a straight answer out of anyone regarding the disposition of Igopogo’s remains.

Voice from off panel: Sir!


A crewman has popped out of the bridge. Old Edgar and Artie turn to look at him.

Crewman: Scans have gone active! We’re picking up something to port…closing fast!


They all rush over to the railing, where something is brewing under the water. We still can’t see it, but it’s definitely a first indication. A large compass on the wall behind them starts spinning wildly. Old Edgar glances at it.


Close on Artie and Edgar. There are crewmen in the background. The crewmen all look shocked. Artie’s not shocked, but he doesn’t know how to explain this. Old Edgar has the look of someone who’s put all the pieces together. He just needed to see this one final bit of evidence.

Artie: You said the monster from ’76 was the last of its kind. So…what then? Alien? Robot?

Old Edgar: Is that the best you’ve got, boy? You’ve already been presented with enough information to solve this.

Old Edgar: Maybe we should have left you back at the command centre, hmm? Heh.


Igopogo 2.0 comes out of the water, looking much more ferocious than the 70s version did, but still the same basic anatomy and design.

Artie (from the deck of the boat, small font, whisper/mumble): Alien robot, maybe??


Page 4 –———————————————————


Igo turns and heads off.

Crewman from the bridge: It’s heading toward Orillia. ETA 15 minutes.

Old Edgar: We’ve got to slow him down. Ideas?

Artie: Not sure if it’ll work, but chase him! I’ll set it up.


Artie works on attaching a gizmo to the railing. It’s a small hologram projector.

Artie (thought bubble): I made this hologram to spook Edgar and the crew…I didn’t actually believe the new monster sightings here were real.


Artie pushes a button on the device.

Artie (thought bubble): Never thought I’d be using it to slow down the real thing!


Now there’s a hologramatic Igopogo in the path of the real one. The real one rears up stop. This can be a bigger panel.


Page 5 –—————————————————————–


Artie rejoins Old Edgar near the railing. Old Edgar’s got a piece of paper…a readout from scans taken of the water.

Artie: Igopogo will realize the hologram’s not real in a minute or so. Are you going to tell me what’s going on now?

Old Edgar: Did you notice that compass spinning wildly? And here…these readings… Water temperature near the beast is warmer than average and there is an atypical amount of fluorescent activity in its wake.

Old Edgar: Does that make it simpler?


Two shot again.

Artie: Uhhh…

Old Edgar: Buffalo???


The beast and the hologram continue their “dance”, but the real Igopogo is getting bolder now.


Artie hustles down a set of stairs in the boat. There’s a door marked SCIENCE LAB visible at the bottom of the stairs.

CAPTION (OLD EDGAR TALKING): Electromagnetic Remote Control…pioneered at the University of Buffalo! That’s how the beast is being controlled.


Artie grabs the magnetic field inhibitor from the scanning electron microscope.

CAPTION (OLD EDGAR TALKING): Magnetic nanoparticles have been implanted in its brain! We’ve got to disrupt that magnetic field.


Page 6 –——————————————————————–


Artie runs across the deck holding the device as the crew and Old Edgar look on.

Old Edgar: Of course! Well played, boy!

Crewman: What on earth is he doing?

Old Edgar: He’s got the Magnetic nullifier from the Scanning Electron Microscope. It should work.


The real Igopogo bursts through the hologramatic one. The ship is still close enough to the beast for what Artie’s got planned.  It might look cool if the hologram burst into “shards of light” as Igopogo goes through it.


Artie leaps off the boat, holding the device. He gets some parting advice from Old Edgar.

Old Edgar: The base of the skull…near the occipital lobe!


Artie scrambles up Igopogo’s back.


He clamps the device on Igo’s skull.


Page 7 ———————————————————————


The beast is calmer. Artie calls over to Old Edgar on the ship.

Artie: What now?

Old Edgar: Obvious isn’t it? We trace the magnetic waves back to their point of origin and roust Madlock and his cronies who were no doubt using this as demonstration of the beast’s potential as a weapon.

Artie: Madlock? You think he’s still at it?


A team of officers, with Arite and Old Edgar behind them, breaks down the door to the secret lair.

CAPTION (really Old Edgar speaking): No doubt. It’s got his fingerprints all over it. He must’ve finally succeeded in cloning Igopogo and found a way to use Nanomagnetic remote control to influence its behaviour. The theory fits the facts.


Madlock (older, but evidently no wiser) and his goons are being led out of their hideout by the cops. Old Edgar and Artie are standing and watching. Madlock glowers at Holmes.

Madlock: I’m not finished yet, Holmes.

Old Edgar: You most certainly are mate. This time, you’ll go away for good.



Two shot…Artie and Old Edgar.

Artie: Looks like you’ve still got a lot to offer in the field, huh?

Old Edgar: More than you realize.

Artie: What do you mean?


Artie rolls his eyes as Edgar lays it on him.

Old Edgar: Your chess problem? Knight to Rook 5.

Old Edgar: The best restaurant in Toronto? Definitely Far Niente.

Old Edgar: And that hologram? Not your best work. Let’s discuss the illumination matrix on the plane, shall we?


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