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Wild West Tales of The Elizabeth Kid and Pappy Jack

First and foremost, if you’re seeing images, I’ve figured out one way around my computer’s loco relationship with this here website, and I’ve plumb switched over with the computer machine belongin’ to muh missus.

Enough tomfoolery, let’s start with the turnarounds of young Elizabeth, age nine.  That first shot of her wearing the USAF t-shirt is precious to me.  The only descendant of both Holmes AND Watson is a little girl in a pro-American costume –  it’s completely right.

Now for Jack’s cool style.  I must say, I love Aaron’s call about the slouch hat, and Rachel’s depiction of it.  I already know tons of stuff about this guy from a great design, and one page of dialog.  I want to see spin-off stories with Jack in the next issue.  Perhaps following a lead suggested by one of Mike’s famous tossaway titles.

One tiny note, now that I’m down here:  Add a hint of character to the footwear.  Laces, stitching, or even a minor heel.  A man’s choice of shoe is an equally telling detail as a well angled hat. 

Ye Editor.

  1. April 7, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Yay! Thanks. I don’t know from shoes, so if anyone has some suggestions or photo reference to throw my way, I can make some tweaks. I’m still planning to do a close-up sheet on his face, too (which will include the reflective aviator sunglasses he’ll be wearing in the story).

    One minor vanity point for me, my name is spelled wrong in the post and in the tag.

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