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Last Tango – Revised Layouts!

This project gets better and better the more I see.  Here are Chris Yao’s revised layouts for Darius Fox’s The Last Tango!


Oh my… And you thought those first ages were good?  Check these out!

Here is Ty’s response.

Very very nice work, Christopher.  It reads phenomenally well, which is consistently your strong suit.   It’s essentially flawless layout, and I LOVE the dancing figures on page one!.

My comments are extremely minor.  Watch that you don’t crowd out your word balloons as there’s a few panels that look a little tight. (the first panel especially, as lovely as it is, but I’ll get to that in a minute…).

I’m not sure if I love panel 5, page 7 (the wide panel that is overlaid on top of the bottom two, but tight, tight to the panel above it).  I’m not sure what is gained by allowing the top of the boyfriend’s head in panel six, and an empty space in panel seven.

Maybe if you freed panel five from the anchor of the panel above, and five floated above the bottom two panels with a little room up top, it would feel a little better to me.  That’s an incredible nitpick, but it’s the only moment in the whole layout I didn’t love.

Oh, and as promised:  On panel one, page one, could you slide the figures down JUST A HAIR, so we have room for a title/logo area.  Word balloons and Title areas have to be accounted for.

But man, this is solid, solid layout work.  Off you go, sir! – Ty the Guy

Christopher then brought in his revised layouts and some construction pages for further notes. As you might imagine, it was beautiful stuff!

This Holmes Inc. Agent Pinc, signing off!

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