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Old Wounds Layouts – With Notes!

We’re going to double on the “Old Wounds” art magic! Last post we covered the Maury turnaround and lab design.  This time out we have Grant’s thumbnails for all to salivate over!

Grant had some reservations and notes, which we will sprinkle throughout the pages.

Hi Ty, Rob and Mike,

finally got my computer up and running (had to replace a video card too)
anyways here’s the designs and the layouts i put together.
I’m not ecstatic about them, not much room to play around with with the high panel pages.
They are rough, and not much detail, some may need altering for dialogue.
might have been easier doing them on the full page instead of the tiny layout pages.
i had some other variation on panel layouts but this is what i have done for the moment.

…a tweak on panel 2 page 1, to establish the bio core better. Possibly it being exposed while Maury sneezes on it,

I have it under a circular panel off the computer platform, instead of them covering it up we could have a shot off their feet around the open core, to better show / est. it (?)
(notice the long walkway and the circular platform… magnifying glass 😉 eh eh )
…possibly, shortening Maury’s assimilation by the computer, (tentacles grabbing him and being dragged off into the darkness?)
to shift some panels back into that page to give a bit more breathing room (I know that might change pacing / beat) just a thought though.

…page 3 technically has 9 panels, perhaps we could loose the group reacting to the alarm at the bottom of the page?

We have two versions of Grant’s page six as he played around with it.

Grant also suggested that Cyber-Maury  lose more of his clothes earlier to show off the badass cyber-enhanced body more.

Ty and the class went through these layouts in person last week and I’m afraid I didn’t take notes.  But I can attest that ooh’s were ooh’d and ahh’s were ahh’d for Grant’s terrific thought processes and small tweaks were suggested by our fearless editor!

Grant has provided two versions of pages4 and 6 and wondered which Ty preferred.

hey guys,
was just checking on which of the page 4 and 6 was ok’d.
page 4 left or right? the difference in the bottom two panels.
page 6 top or bottom? the bottom version is missing the fifth panel (see top)
which i could squeeze in as a wide panel on top of the last three vertical panels.

Thanks!  Grant

I wasn’t sure and Mike was torn.

Oh geez,

I can’t quite remember either.

I originally saw page 4 as you have it on the right, BUT there may’ve been a fantastic reason to change it to what you have on the left.

As for page 6, BOTH of those look great. I’d say go with the top version unless you can really make the proposed layout sing with that wide panel you’re talking about inserting into the bottom version. Again, there may’ve been a reason.

I want you to have room to play with, and we have to consider the dialogue, the most recent version of which is now on the site (thanks Rob!).

Maybe Ty remembers? Help us Ty… you’re our only hope.


PS: Grant, can’t WAIT to see the constructions!

And so we turned to our fearless leader!

I tend to like the page four on the left, as it simply reads easier.  And I find the page 6 on the bottom works best as the falling scene reads best in tall thin panels, rather than the winding version.  BUT, the two versions of both pages are readable enough that I wouldn’t stop you from disagreeing with me, if you wish. – Ty the Guy

In other words.. it’s totally up to Grant! And he chose…

I decided to go with the page 4 that’s on the right and i revised page 6 (attachment) hopefully it works,  i’ll need to adjust the two panels to give room for the dialogue, so the idea is there.
One thing, I wonder if the dialogue will look ok, with Trey pictured on the right but speaking first, or should i switch them? I thought about flipping the view from above them looking down to Arty on the ground…? hope you like…   Thanks  Grant

Ty had some final words for Grant to keep in mind…

I’m not certain which panel you’re considering flipping to match the order of the dialog, but the rule of thumb is, you CAN have the character on the right speak first, so long as there’s PLENTY of room for the dialog above.  Since you’re in the thumbnail phase, just make sure of that and it will work out.  I notice you’re including dialog balloons in the thumbs, and that will certainly help clear out the space you need. – Ty

And that is the kind of back and forth creative consideration that makes for amazing comics!  See you all Wednesday.

Cheers!  –  Pinc.

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