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Poker Face – Revised Script!

Hey all!  Prepare to be bedazzled by Rain’s tale of gambling and grappling on the high seas. And enjoy how he deals from the bottom of the deck with a lovely twist ending!

Cheers!  Pinc

“Poker Face”
By Rain


1)Opening shot – a huge airfoil Cruise Ship, “Un Aire Absent” is cruising away from the coast of the Greek Island of Hydra.

Note: A word balloon makes up the title “Poker Face” which is Trey’s first line of dialogue.

Credits: By Rain

2)Edgar and Trey are making their way to their cabin, down an ornate hallway with a gorgeous view.  Trey is carrying the luggage and looks MIFFED.

Trey: Poker Face! Edgar, this is Peregrine “Poker Face” Carruther’s Floating Casino! That’s why you brought me!

Edgar: Believe what you will, Trey. I happen to think you are an excellent bellhop.
Trey: Funny. Does this mean you  actually read my research? Were you able to tie him to anything concrete?

Edgar: I’ve read your files. The writing pressure you put on the post-it notes left strong indentations, indicating your intense disgust with this man.

-They are getting ready. Trey with clip on earrings and Edgar with a bow tie.

Trey: Slippery Cajun eel. He’s covered his tracks well. All the way back to the 70s.
3) Edgar: “You found significant leads, Trey but nothing concrete. You let your emotion cloud your reason, and it can stray you from the truth.  We are in the lion’s den. We have to tread carefully.

MED SHOT – They walk along the deck of the boat. It’s stunningly ornate.

4) Trey: “Why are we here if we can’t do anything?”


5) Edgar: “We can. But first we observe. And what better way than to go against Poker Face in a high-stakes game of chance?”

-WIDE SHOT of the huge casino in the bow of the boat. A  huge banner hangs that says: “San Monto’s Good Indian Seeds for Good Indian People Fund Raiser”


1) Trey: “My sword. That’s a better way. I’ll have him spilling his gu- …beans in no time.”

Edgar: “No swords. Just cards.”

MED SHOT as they walk down the stairs toward the huge poker table.


Trey: “Can I at least give him a paper cut?”

Edgar: “No.”

LONG SHOT as our characters are enveloped in the atmosphere…

3) Poker Face. He is a tall, slick looking man of Southern U.S./Creole origin. He has a tattoo of an upside down club over his left eye. His goatee is shaped like an upside down spade. He has contacts in his eyes. One is a diamond, and one is a heart, also upside down. He is about 65 years old.
Poker Face:

Edgah Holmes, Ah presume… and you must be young Sherlock the third.

– CU

4) Trey: Trey, actually.

Edgar: We at Holmes, Incorporated. are interested in your charity. We think helping the farmers in India is very noble.


Poker Face: You hide your contempt well, but yoah little girl’s parahnoid delusions about mah legit-o-mite business dealin’s are well known. The new seed we ah developin’ will double the farmer’s output in one harvest.

——————-PAGE 3————–FIVE PANELS————————

1) Trey: Unproven spin. Your pre-release draft mentioned it was self-terminating after one generation. You have been accused of mixing a tenth of your seed with lower quality duds at triple the old cost. And isn’t it funny how an aggressive rice parasite just happened to show up in the area that prefers everybody else’s seed!

Edgar: Trey…


2) Poker Face:  Ah’m afriad there ain’t no conspiracies here, lil’ mamselle. It’s all good business. We modified our pesticides accordingly.

3) Trey is clearly losing her cool. “But they only protect YOUR seed. People are starving –

Edgar: Trey-

Poker Face: We sell a superior product . One that cannot be beat, much like this.

4) Trey sees his hand, and realizes he was cheating. Edgar has a knowing smile.

Trey: Where the hell did that ace come from?

Poker Face: Ah do believe that Lady Luck smiles on me today!

5) Trey: More like LADY HURT!

Trey grabs a Crupier stick and lunges toward Poker Face.


1) She is seconds from braining him when a massive, MR. T. look-alike in a delicate evening gown blocks her  attack with his cane.

Poker Face: Excellent work, Equi-T! Now teach her some cajun hospitality!

Trey notices a waiter slipping his hand into Poker Face’s pocket.

Trey (thinking): Artie – what’s HE doing he-

2) Equi-T turns the block into a throw, and tosses Trey onto the table. Trey stands up. Equi-T jumps onto the table and the two fight like in an Errol Flynn movie.

3) Trey notices that Artie has attached something to Poker Face’s cellphone, removed it and placed it back into Poker-Face’s pocket.

4) Edgar is smiling, then when he sees that Artie is done, yells out, “Trey Holmes! Stop this instant!”

5) Trey has Equi-T against the table, the Crupier tip stuffed into the goon’s left nostril.
Edgar rolls up and takes her by the arm. “My apologies, Mr. Carruthers. I’ll deal with her myself!”

—————PAGE 5——————5 PANELS

1) Poker Face: Ah should hope so, Holmes!  Such bah-barity! Take a skiff to the mainland. And as for your  tomboy, she’s lucky she ain’t swimmin’ back.

2) Edgar: “Oh, you might consider hiring her. She’s gifted at picking out bad seeds.”

3) Later in the skiff, the sun sets.

Trey: I guess I botched it, Sir.

Edgar:  Not at all. We have what we came for.

4) Trey: By “we” you mean Artie and yourself.

Edgar: Given your justified contempt of our host,  I knew how you would react, Trey.  But I needed it honest. Poker Face knew I was up to something, and knew of your idealism.  So I gave him what he expected.

5) They are interrupted by a beep.

Edgar opens his wrist-comm. Artie is on screen,

Artie: Hey Ed! We’re in business! I downloaded his cellphone memory. Even got access to his tethered laptop! I’ll meet you guys at the docks in an hour.

Edgar: Good work, Arthur. You did well. You both did, each according to your strengths.

(I’d like to add one more final panel here)

Artie: Yeah, about that… when was Trey invited to our little card game?


Well done Rain. And wait until those of you who couldn’t make last week’s meeting see Rain’s art! Prepare for the mind blowing!  – Pinc

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