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The Old Man & The Sea Monster – Rough Designs

Hello fellow Holmsians!

Pierce has been bust at work for the initial weeks of design but is now drawing like a fiend! We’ll get his layouts up soon, But for now check his early design work.

First up, the Holmes Inc. boat used by Edgar Sr. and Artie.

Now let’s check out our non-serpent villain, the General and Edgar. Pierce has lovely old and younger versions (for the flashbacks!) .

Ty noted the incorrect naval cap on the young general. Pierce will have to research the Royal Navy uniforms to make sure they are accurate for the time period.

When we’re dealing with real thinsg like that we need to do our best for verisimili.. verisimili… versamillavisa… for correctness.

Pierce looked up Igopogo info and discovered it is described as having a dog-like snout. Here are his first versions of our sea serpent!

Ty noted that he didn’t mind the dog like approach but our audeince is used to more serpentine sea monsters. Perhaps Pierce could find a happy mix.

Ty suggested crustacean like arms…

We all agreed the crustacean arms didn’t work. Perhaps eliminating the hind legs from the first design would add sleekness?  And smoothing out those heavily defined arms?

This is Pierce came up with…

We have a winner!!!!  A very unique and fun Igopogo design that is both playful and dangerous!

Nice work, Pierce!  – Pinc

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  1. James Cooper
    April 17, 2011 at 3:19 am

    The young/old Edgar stuff looks great, and I’m a big fan of where the monster design went in the end.

    Kudos for a job well done, sir.

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