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Poker Face Designs – With Notes!

The game is again afoot, fellow Holmesians. But it is the hands of an artist that give us our next exhibit for you edification and commentary.

I give you… Marshall Geddes masterful, final designs for Rain’s 5 page opus, “Poker Face”.

Definitely worth the wait.

Ty thoughts on the Casino/Poker Room.

The poker room is good, but it needs more tables around the poker table,  It’s supposed to be a ship-board casino, if I recall, where they might be a craps table and a roulette wheel nearby.  The room should have a sense of a few more people than are just gathered around the one table.  EVERYTHING in the background is terrific, but Rain, if you could add the other tables in the background, as you draw, which I assume you’d be doing anyway.

Ty the Guy

Next up, we have the designs for a villain so repugnant he gets under Trey’s skin. But is he all bluff?  Not with designs like these! Ty and I have already signed off on Poker Face’s design in class. So all we have to do know is enjoy these fine drawerins!

Finally, we have the “so tough he can kick your ass in earrings and a dress” bruiser, Equi-T! Here is Marshall’s first pass on his turnaround.

Everyone liked the Mr. T in a dress aspect of the character. But we felt it was stronger to make the character less of of a gender question mark and more definitely male.  So Marshall came back with the winning design below!

Ty and noth flipped over the final rotations for Equi-T so this tale is off and running!

And now I shall run and get something else posted ASAP!  – Pinc

  1. Marshall Geddes
    April 20, 2011 at 12:20 am

    The awe-inspiring Rain has been helping me to add some delightful comedy to my drab dialogue. So I will have my Rain-ovated script by tomorrow. Also my original sketch for the poker room in Rain’s story was done before I had gotten a copy of the script so the finished room In Rain’s adventure has a very different look. But it was still lots of fun to design a poker room anyhow!

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