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What exactly is the “Construction Stage”?

Hey all,

Ty and I have sent everyone off to take their thumbnails and begin the construction stage on their pencils. We have been asked for a quick refresher on what exactly that stage entails.

In Ty’s class he has several stages for drawing comic. After layouts, he recommends a stage where you blow the art up and work out how all the panels work – picking a horizon line, laying in perspective lines and contructing/posing the bodies like mannikins.

Next you block in all the props, furniture and and background according to the perspective lines.

(I have heard it suggested that picking the horizon line and putting in yur perspective grind for each panel is easier to do before blowing things up, because your vanshing point is not so distant at that size)

This way  all the hard “figuring out” stuff is complete and you can go to full pencils  with all the “thinking” over – grinning like a lunatic at how fun it not to be solving problems anymore!

Is that more or less correct, Ty? 

Yup, that’s about it, with one minor change.

I tend to construct at either print size, or full art size, as that way you’re getting all the details in the right size (more or less) before it’s time to lightbox it onto the final board.

(My original response mistakenly implied much of the construction would happen at the small size-Rob)

Though you CAN construct at the very small layout size, it’s a little easier to do at a larger size.  As Rob said, it’s the best way to put down your blacks, your background grays, and understand the whole page before it’s ready to go.  There’s no finals in the construction stage, just drawing in the figure-work, the basic masses of the background objects, the persepective and all you need to set right before the final stage. 

There’s no “Drawing” in the final stage, merely tweaking and fixing.  That way, each stage is without worries, as it’s always about fixing and making it better with each stage.

Ty the Guy

And that’s about it!  We can’t wait to see all your work on Wednesday! – Pinc

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