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Safe! – Number 2’s Private Office and Final Layouts

Hey one and all. As usual I am waaaay behind with posting. But here is some tasty work for Rae Wells, who has been a designing, drawing machine lately!

First up, A smashing look at Number Two’s private office – Mission Control for Holmes Inc.

I’ve also done up a partial (ie as much of it as I need for this story) proposal for #2’s private office design for where he actually works, as opposed to the presentation office where they meet with clients (which I always thought was old Edgar’s office anyway). It just didn’t seem natural to me to have the action from this story take place in the big fancy room, and besides, #2 needs his own space.  

It’s practical, but not utilitarian because that’s the way it seems like he would roll.There’s enough empty space for him to pace when he’s anxious, because that’s definitely in the gene pool, but I figure he keeps a lid on it until he’s behind a closed door. The furniture is a blend of antiques and high-tech: antique mahogany desk, filing drawers, and bookshelfs, but super-modern ergonomic chair and a wall of monitors. The screens are for both communications for mission control for the missions that need his personal attention, and computer monitors for research.

Our illustrious writer Aaron had this high praise for the office.

The office (like quite a few of the concepts you’ve already shown me) seems like it’s exactly as I imagined it as I was writing it, and yet at the same time is ten times better. Awesome, awesome stuff. I just looked at the drawing and started nodding to myself because I wouldn’t change a thing.

Next up. Rae’s final layouts with her thoughts.

OK here are some rough layouts, with breathing space and other tweaks added as per the notes from  the thumbnails. I know I still need to fix the perspective in a bunch of places. Clean layouts with accurate perspective grids are next on my to-draw list. See y’all later.

Dat’s what I’m talking about.  These are lovely.  

Off you go, get ’em constructed.   Really push yourself to feel the 3-d of the characters when you construct, too.  Use action figures, or reference photos, and make this the best you’ve ever done.  You’re in the zone with these layouts. – Ty

In class last week, we saw some of Rae’s construction and her persepctive grids were bang on. We also discussed the two versions of Liz’s final close-up on the last page. We agreed the tearful softer one was less effective than the cold stone faced Liz cutting off her emotions to do what she needed to do!

Way to go Rachael.  Onwards and upwards! 


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