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The Old Man and the Sea Serpent Layouts – With Notes!

Hello Watsonians! (Let’s give Elizabeth’s side of the family a little love this time around).

I’m a bad, bad assistant editor — so behind on posting.

But I’ve got a special surprise this time around though. Pierce is coming down the stretch and has approved layouts to share as he goes to pencils!

Ty sez:

I’m pretty good with all of it, but I want you to squeeze up the top panel on page seven, and give me a little more room for the bottom three panels, especially the last one with Igogpogo in the background.  You can’t short-change the very end of the story like that, not for a top panel that’s not important enough to the overall narrative as the last one is.  Sell me my ending a little more.

ALSO:  The “hologram” is coming apart mechanically.  Is it nano-bot instant building tech?  Or is it something mechanical in the story in the script?  I remember it as being a hologram last time I read it, but I have a poor memory, so educate me iffen I’m wrong, danke.  We’ll cover it in the dialog/captions if we have to.

There’s some terrific stuff in here, a tremendous fun read for these characters, and some HUGE larger-than-life action.  Fun.  – Ty

Ty’s fave panel is also mine, along with the beastie rising in front of the boat at the bottom of page 3!  Dino, Pierce and Ty all weighed on the hologram question…

The current iteration of the hologram is that it’s just a “regular” light hologram…so when it comes apart, it should just be shards of light coming apart…nothing solid. Does that make sense?  Does anyone have a better visual effect for Igopogo breaking through it? – Dino
Well, holograms are projected from a source, so wouldn’t it just interrupt the signal, like standing up in front of a film screen?  If you wish to break the image up into visual “shards” I’m fine with that, but it shouldn’t look quite so mechanical as it shatters… Ty

I like the shards of light effect suggestion. Kind of like when a prism breaks up light.  – Pinc
Ty makes an interesting point though…maybe the hologram could simple break apart…like when an image on a tv kind of dissapates (sp). Like interference or something. I’m totally open to different interpretations of how it could happen.  – D.

And so, with everyone having weighed the final choice we leave with the artist. Which is as it should be.

Run with it Pierce!


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  1. Marshall Geddes
    May 3, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    This is really good story telling Pierce. It has all the awesome stuff a story needs, dramatic shots, exhilarating action, and exaggerated expressions! Nice work, can’t wait to see this one finished! And kudos to Dino for writing such a fantastic story packed full of all the good stuff!

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