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Optional Meeting Wednesday and Homework – It’s BIO time!

Hello fellow Holmsians. Ty is pretty busy so this Wednesday will be an OPTIONAL MEETING!

No one has to come out if they are busy.

However, I will be at the TCW from 7 to 9 to answer any questions I can and help us organize for our “media blitz”! We are putting a plan together for the promotion of Holmes Inc. 2 and the TCW.

We have put James Cooper in charge of revamping the Homes Inc website and Mike Marano will be in charge of overseeing the written content. Both will be reporting to Ty and I but they will be rallying you guys for help with art and writing duties.

And to help us get started  I have HOMEWORK for one and all!

First of all – WRITERS MUST SUBMIT a FINAL VERSION of their script based on the pencils ASAP!

This will be the copy Keiren uses to letter your story. There may be changes to the scripts based on a new panel arrangement. There may be more limits to the space than you realized. Focus once again on cutting down on word count. typos, and flow. It’s like dialogue Tetris!

Everyone,WRITERS AND ARTISTS alike, need to PREPARE A SHORT BIO with contact info. You can see examples of this on the Holmes Inc. website here:


A single paragraph will do. Be positive, be truthful, but don’t be afraid to brag!

Also, please include to links to other work, your home pages or deviant art accounts, etc.

And do let us know if we may include your e-mail information on your bio page so people can contact you if they find your work intriguing!

I am happy to give feedback on your bios if people are nervous. Send me your drafts  and I will get back to you ASAP.

Next, wee will be composing a short questionnaire for one and all participants to answer via e-mail. That will become a mini-interview so this site will be a one-stop shop to learn more about this amazing collection of creators!

Now get writing, Holmesians!


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