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Submitting Final Art and Scripts – Guidelines

Ola Holmes Inc -ers!

ARTISTS! As the finished art rolls in at last I just wanted to pass along some suggested re. submitting art from Ty and Keiren.

Ty points out that sending files as Tiff files with LZW compression is perfect when sending in the final files.  When sending ’em in to be approved, it’s better to reduce them to jpgs at 100 dpi, just so they open faster and smaller, but final pages as tiffs are fine.

Keiren says since I don’t have photoshop, there isn’t any reason to CC me (Rob) on the big files, just the jpg’s will do. Send Ty and Rob confirmation jpg’s and send Keiren the .tiffs.  Her e-mail address is in the group e-mails I sent out about all this.

Remember, sending large files through email will bog down her Gmail…and some of the files might end up quite large.  Keiren suggests you try and zip or Win.rar your files if you can (makes ’em smaller, saves both of you on your usage).

Best bet is for them to zip ’em and yousendit.com or anything similar you like. Keiren even has a Dropbox account if any of the students have one but yousendit should be fine.

If anyone needs/wants Dropbox, here’s a link to install the program:  http://db.tt/S23WGmN.  You can access any files you upload to it, on any computer and send messages to others giving them access to particular files or folders.

For computers in your home/possession, by installing Dropbox on each of them (rather than just accessing with a bookmark) any files you upload will be automatically updated when you make any changes to that file–saving you having to upload again and again.

WRITERS!  As soon as you get finished final authoritative completed done scripts (reworked according to the final artwork) send those along to Ty and I.

Remember also to add full credits, either in the document or in the accompanying e-mail. (Preferably in the script doc)  including artists (pencilers and inkers if we doubled up) and Keiren Smith on letters. We are getting scripts without credits that force me to add them to the e-mail.



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  1. michael
    April 12, 2012 at 5:07 am

    i want to pencil some of ur scrip…. someday

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