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The Holmes Inc. Commandments of Twitter

Greetings Once again Holmesians,

In addition to our website promotions, James (with an assist from Ty and the Website team) will be trying to orchestrate a Twitter campaign. Anyone who Twitters please volunteer to help. Other wise James will contacting you individually to draft you into service.

We hope to be giving people “Twitter shifts” – a day where they are posting on and off with updates, links etc.

To that end, we need to establish some Holmes Inc. Twitter ground rules.

Homes Inc. Twitter Commandments

1. Spellcheck is your friend. Please ensure all posts are spelled correctly, and free of l33t sp3@k lol!

2. The Royal We: Most posts will be composed as being spoken by the group. “We are very excited about…” or “We can’t wait for you to see…” etc. You may choose to speak in the first person when you post, if you’d like. When doing so, please sign the post with either your name, initials, or Twitter handle.

3. Equal ground: when posting, please refrain from putting anyone’s work above the rest. Basically, that just means no “Check out this new art from the best story in the book!”

4. Don’t swear, you bastards.

5. Keep posts relevant to Holmes Inc., or other comics from our  creators, etc.

6. No dissing other comics, creators and companies. We want to keep this a positive platform to share our work with the world. (In short,  resist any Granito bashing!)

7. If you’re unsure about something, ask Rob before proceeding.

That’s it, until we think of more.

Some of you will be getting Twitter shifts were you get to be the voice of Holmes Inc for a day. Please let James and I know if you want to help get the Tweets out.

Cheers,  Pinc

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