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UPDATE – Promo Website – Tutorials – Twitter

Hello Holmesians one and all!

It’s time for a Holmes Inc Update! I have sent this via email but wanted to double up on the work site for all to check in with.

This Wednesday we saw a whack of completed artwork that knocked our socks off!  Several stories are already complete and ready for lettering. The others are almost there.

What a glorious feeling. Give yourselves a pat on the back with your filthy, ink stained hands. You are officially comic book creators!

Keiren is already working on colouring a teaser image for us by Daniel Wong and Leonard Kirk is hard at work on our awesome cover!

Writers if you have seen final inks or know the final pencils layouts won’t change, do a pass on your script to be sure it fits the art. Cut down on dialogue wherever it looks snug and pay attention to flow. Then get us the script so we can pass them on to our Queen of Letters, Keiren.

So have these official final scripts:




The Family Name

We also have scripts for 8 Seconds to Mayhem and Old Wounds but they are awaiting final art changes so I’ve held onto them for now.

That means a bunch of us writers, including myself, had better get off our butts and do that final pass to make sure everything flows and our dialogue fits the space! Over half our scripts don’t have final versions. If Keiren doesn’t get final versions she gets to edit them any way she sees fit to make it all work. (And she’d do a fantastic job but you shouldn’t put that burden on her. This is your story and your responsibility.)

Hop to it!
On Wednesday, artists in attendance also pitched pin-up ideas for Ty to choose from.  Those of you who are interested in doing a pin-up for the website, feel free to pitch Ty and I three ideas. 🙂

Now, on to PROMOTION!

Our promo site at <http://holmesinccomic.wordpress.com&gt; goes live as of Monday!  So let the media/online blitz begin!

We can thank James for that. He is are point man on the site.

Now that James has done the heavy lifting on the site, I’d like to introduce our web team:


All posts will go through Rob nut I will dividing up the posting and editing among James, Mike and Kathleen.

Aaron and Sam have volunteered to help James get the word out via Holmes Inc. on Twitter. We need many more to step up. Plese let James and I know if you’d like to help and what times of day or days of the week are best for you to make time available. James will then work out shifts so everyone has some of the Twitter fun!

We are in great hands people! So onto CONTENT.


We will be kicked off with an introductory post by Ty,  then every day the site will alternate teaser art with a tutorial by each and every one of us on some aspect of our work. The fact that we’re sharing information and comic book insider tips will help keep the site sticky, so people will want to poke around, learn more about us and check out the book.

Tutorials should focus on Holmes Inc. work and should incorporate images. The Net is a visual landscape so we want eye candy! Also, use the tutorial to tell readers a little about yourself and don’t be afraid to drop in some bragging about your other work, deviant art page etc.

Tutorials should run between around 400 to 1000 words. Keep it short, sweet and one point!  James is already done his and it makes it point in about 400 sweet, sweet words and one terrific splash image!

Also, remember to include info on your links and send reasonably sized pics to illustrate your post. James suggest adding a note like “PIC A goes here” and  “Link B goes here” into the text.)  Artists, we’d love to show some behind the scenes work – layout to pencils to finished ink, designs, etc .

All tutorials should be CC’d to Ty, myself, Mike and James. This HOMEWORK, gang! Everyone will write one.

Here who’s writing what so far:

TY –  A discussion of inking.

JAMES – Choosing an opening image

CHRIS – Dang, Chris!  I totally forget what you’re writing about.

KATHLEEN – Writing Character Voices

ROB – Interpreting a script

MIKE – The value of story maps

SAM – How to write visually

DAWNSON – Adding tone to tell the story

VINCE – Dealing with deadlines

GRANT – Designing a character.

AARON – Writing other people’s characters (established characters)

RAE – The evolution of a page

MARSHALL – Taking direction

PIERCE – Washes

GIBSON – Pacing for layouts

Wow, that is already an awesome batch of content right there. That leaves a number of creators with tutorials to write.






So guys and gal, come up with an aspect of how you approached your work and get you writing. And remember to include web friendly pic with your tutorial with instructions on where you’d like them placed. Don’t make James look for images. He’s putting in more than enough time as it is! Pics should largely focus on Holmes Inc.

I also invite our late-inning pinch hitting inkers the amazing Jeff Longstreet and the uncanny Kellam Templeton-Smith to contribute a tutorial if you like. We are proud and grateful that you guys offered to help. You are a terrific addition to our team.

By the way, Jeff, we are using last years bio and info for you on the site. If you would like to update it and provide a new pic of self-portrait, please send that to me (Rob).

Kellam, we need a bio from you as well. Please include a pic, any links you wish to include and if you like, your Twitter handle.

Whew! We covered a lot this week.  So good to finally move into the next phase of our work – production and promotion!

Congratulations one and all!


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  1. June 6, 2011 at 2:16 am

    Hey Rob,

    I’m writing about process from layouts to finished page image *pencils*

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