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WELCOME TO HOLMES, INC Thumbnails and Script

June 9, 2010 Leave a comment

PAGE ONE (4 panels)

Panel 1

Establishing shot.  Ext. Day.  A sunny afternoon on Baker Street in London.  Shoppers wander back and forth through a large corporate plaza reminiscent of the Toronto Science Centre’s.  An intricate interactive water fountain is on the right of the plaza, a curious sculpture composed of rings and pipes on the other.  In the foreground, a life-size bronze statue of Sherlock Holmes is moored in a concrete plaza, gazing serenely, pipe in hand and cap on head.  The plaza seems to be carved right out of a different place and time from the rest of Baker Street.  The other uniform four storey buildings press in on it.

In the background, at the back of the plaza, Holmes Inc. looms.  It is a ten storey modern/futuristic skyscraper nestled in the heart of busy modern-day Baker Street, A large professional corporate signage of “Holmes Inc.” is anchored to the top of the building.

Next to the large and ornate corporate entrance of Holmes Inc. is a small shop with a sign marked “The Sherlock Holmes Museum.”  Any other text is notably absent.  This is not our world’s Holmes Museum.  It is the museum of the real person, maintained by those who loved him as an epitaph, not as a cheap money maker. It looks as if Holmes Inc. was built over top of the little shop, an intermarriage of past and future.

ELIZABETH (OP, from Sherlock Holmes Museum)

“Welcome to the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street!”

For more of this script and layout, head over to the WELCOME TO HOLMES INC. SCRIPT page dedicated to it by clicking this hyperlink, or using the pull down menu above.

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Brainy Specs

June 7, 2010 8 comments

Here are the Brainy Specs as designed by Rachael Wells. These are for Artie and are designed by Artech, his company.

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Artie Turn Around

June 4, 2010 12 comments

Here’s our first Turn Around from Christopher Yao. Click on it to view it larger.

Arthur Holmes
The T-SHIRT is changeable with each appearance.  You get to choose his ironic point of view for the day.