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Trey – Model Sheet

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey there fellow Holmesians.

Got this fantastic contribution from Daniel to share with one and all!  A new model sheet for Trey!

While I was on the Holmesinc site looking for Trey references, I noticed there’s only one turn-around of her from last year.  I needed something a little more than just what was there, so I did up my own model sheet.  Perhaps it’ll be useful to others who will be drawing her as well? 

Fantastic reference, Daniel! – Pinc!

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The TREY Turnarounds by Eden Bachelder

June 9, 2010 4 comments

A quick one here, turnarounds on the teen chick with the sword.

Let's think of the coat/cape/wrap that she wears as white and clean.

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