The Deerstalker


Adam Gorham’s Deerstaker INTERIOR:


It’s all the rage nowadays, this three-dimensional stuff.  This time, without the tall blue people, we get some renders on the Deerstalker, by Rob Oakman and Draake (Derek) Herd.    Derek has volunteered to do more intricate and specific poses for the aircraft, should any artists wish to see ‘em.

Eat ‘em up, folks.

Here we have the Deer Stalker interior as drawn by Adam Gorham.

This is based on the rough concept of the Deerstalker we saw at last week’s meeting. The cockpit fills the entirety of the jet head. The stairs lead to the belly of the bird. That design is soon to follow. The room is rounded, conforming with the contours of the plane. Four passenger seats which are big and comfy, like the most ideal lay-z-boy chair imaginable. The pilot and co-pilot seats aren’t too elaborate, I don’t think. The dashboard is typically loaded with gadgets, dials, gauges, but instead of looking like any real plane I opted to resemble a modern Honda or something like that. There’s a keyboard which unfolds at the touch of a button. A series of screens and dials pop out when the keyboard is unfolded. The keyboard is meant to resemble a blackberry (forgive my terrible little ellipses!) The screens above also functions as touch screens. There are a series of storage lockers at the rear. I kept these very basic because I wanted them to store anything the story requires them to, like Batman’s utility belt. They can pull out anything from medical supplies to escape gear to whatever from those lockers if need be. They open at the press of a button and they slide up along the curved wall and roof of the cockpit, like a garage door, only cooler! There are panels on the floor, but if anyone thinks it’s better to put down carpet or mats or whatever, I’m open to that. I had this funny idea of throwing down ornate area rugs to exhibit how classy they are, but I figured the cockpit would be all business. Finally, the toggle sticks to actually fly the plane (in situations that require evasive maneuvers and such) are tucked away to the side of the pilot. They have gyroscopic arms which extend and move with the pilot, and can also be locked into place between the pilot’s knees. I hope all of this is clear. If anyone needs something cleaner or more refined, please say so and I’ll field any questions and make any adjustments which we all agree upon. Stay tuned for more!…

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