“LATE” 1st draft script by Draake Herd

“LATE” – Revision 0:

Page One:

Page One consists of six panels. Panel One is largest panel and takes up the upper third of the page. Next
third consists of Panels Two Three and Four. The final third is Panel Fix and Six.

-Trey wakes up suddenly to the sound of a loud security alarm on her HOLMES wrist watch:
-Trey grabs her swords and in a panic and bolts down towards the hangar.

Page One: Panel One

Trey is sneaking past (old) Edgar`s office (his door slightly ajar) trying to make it to her bed after a late
night of drinking.

Trey- “Crap. Edgar is up late dictating his memoir; he’ll smell the booze and rat me out to
my dad for sure.”

Old Edgar- “… writing this memoir so that after I am gone you will understand why I had
no choice but to hide certain truths about our family…”

T- “As clever as they, they believe I was down at the cinema watching a Star Wars film
festival with friends. I lost interest in action figures and that universe a long time ago.”

Page One: Panel Two

Trey happily collapses into bed. Frame is top view of her falling back and landing on bed.

T- “Home free and no lectures. Ah! Sweet comfy bed.”

Page One: Panel Three

Trey lies eyes closed in bed. Hasn’t moved since Panel Two. Alarm starts on watch.

Page One: Panel Four

Trey`s Holmes Inc. watch wakes her up suddenly. Old Edgar’s voice calls out (over watch) for help
panicked and in peril. Time can be seen on waych 5:37am.

T- “Whaa… I just got to bed?”


Page One: Panel Five

Trey grabs swords hastily on way out of room.

T- “Attention team members: Emergency in Hangar 2!”

Page One: Panel Six

Trey exits room and heads down hall.

Page Two:

Page Two: Panel One

Trey runs past elevator eying emergency exit

T- “Too long can’t wait.”

Page Two: Panel Two

Trey landing on lower floor in emergency exit after jumping railing. Elizabeth comes through on
Holmes Inc. watch

E- “… Hurry up Trey. Get moving… Now!”

T- (Thought Balloon) “Elizabeth?”

Page Two: Panel Three

Trey runs towards hangar while trying to raise others on watch.

T- “Still there Elizabeth? Anybody come in please?”

T- (Thought Balloon) “There is no movement in the halls… and why is the signal on my
watch acting all screwy?”

Page Two: Panel Four

Trey gets to hangar door and realizes she has forgotten her security card in haste. Trey slices access
panel and shorts it.

T- (Thought Balloon) “Damn! In haste I forgot my security card to open the Hangar door!”

Page Two: Panel Five

Slides door open enough to squeeze into Hangar.

T- ”I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” (Star Wars reference)

Page Two: Panel Six

Stealth walking in; sword drawn; eye’s wide as something has caught her attention. The hangar looks
different – futuristic almost but familiar somehow. Then Trey stops cold as shey spies a stranger
standing by the landing gear of the “Deerstalker”. He is about 50 years old and dressed in an outfit to
Han Solo in Star Wars.

CAPTION – Trey spots no sign of Edgar or Elizabeth, only a stranger at the base of the

T- “You`d better start explaining bud.”

Page Three:

Page Three consists of five panels. Panel One is largest panel and takes up a quarter of the page. Next
row is Panels Two and Three. Panel Four takes up the third quarter. Panel Five takes up the last quarter.

Page Three: Panel One

Stranger standing by landing gear and ramp of Deerstalker. Stranger tries to calm Trey and presents an
explanation; introduces himself as Thomas. This panel is a direct reference to a frame in Star Wars when
Han Solo is working on the Milenium Falcon in Docking Bay 94 on Mos Eisley. It doesn’t occur to Trey
that she is dreaming as the brain suppresses this notion while the body is draeming. When the dreamer
realizes they are dreaming they become lucid and come out of the dream.

Stranger- “Hello Trey. I mean you no harm.”

T- “I may bear the name of the great Sherlock Holmes but I am no gentleman I assure
you. I’ll give you three seconds…”

T- (Thought Balloon) “This isn’t how I remember the hangar? Doesn’t look recently
renovated either?”

Page Three: Panel Two

Trey is shocked at answer and runs through options in her head while asking questions.

S- “I am Thomas your uncle. I’m sorry I had to resort to such tactics to lure you down
here but I have news that will rattle the very foundation of Holmes Incorporated”

T- “Impossible, my uncle Thomas died when he was only a baby.”

Page Three: Panel Three

Thomas walks closer; hands up submissively; continues to explain and answer.

S- “I know this is hard for you to comprehend. Times were different; you see your
Grandmother had an indiscretion many years ago with another man, my father.”

S- If the identity of said man was revealed it would have extremely negative
consequences for the Holmes family name. Not to mention the obvious embarrasement to
Edgar himself.”

Page Three: Panel Four

Trey and Thomas in wide box panel. Trey processes thoughts in head. More Q & A.

S- “To preserve the family image; your grandfather Edgar paid off my father to take me
and to raise me on his own; never to acknowledge or lay claim to the Holmes family name.”

T- “Where is everyone? How did you get into the base undetected?”

S- “They were summoned late last night on a matter of great urgency. They figured you
would be of no help in your condition and left you to sleep it off.”

S- “As for base security, well a little Holmsian intellect can circumvent that as you just
adequately demonstrated.”

T- (Thought Balloon) “He sounds like my dad, looks a little like him and certainly would be
clever as a Holmes. Something’s not right here… think Trey.”

Page Three: Panel Five

Thomas and Trey are startled as Holmes Inc. headquarters alarm goes off.

S – “I came to you first Trey because I figured you would be the most open to such a
revelation. This must be quite a shock. It wasn’t easy for me to come here.”

T- (Thought Balloon) “Could this really be Thomas or is it an imposter? Maybe Artie is
playing an elaborate hoax? Did someone slip something into my drink last night and I’m
hallucinating? Am I sleepwalking or still drunk? A ghost?”


Page Four:

Page Four: Panel One

With no immediate explanation for alarm Trey puts sword point to neck of Thomas (this also helps
her collect more evidence – no prosthetics therefore he is not someone else (or Artie) masking their
identity– skin gives resistance to sword therefore he is not a ghost etc.)

T- “That is as close as you get until I figure out what is going on.”

T- (Thought Balloon) “There is no prosthetics or make up on his face and I can feel his
neck resisting my blade… that rules out a few theories.”

S- “I assure you – if you prick me I will bleed. You must have shorted the electrical
system with your handy work.”

Page Four: Panel Two

Thomas and Trey continue dance. Trey still keeps sword at throat. Trey starts to think aloud while
asking questions.

S- “I am getting old. You have no idea the burden I have carried, knowing that I have
family I am not a part of, a brother, nieces and nephews who do not even know I exist.
Life is too short Trey.”

T- (Thought Balloon) “It is too short. I’m ashamed that I do not even know my own
grandfather well enough to pick apart this stranger’s story.”

S- “We both know Edgar would go to great lengths to protect the Holmes name, even if it
meant deceiving his own flesh and blood.”

Page Four: Panel Three

Thomas and Trey continue dance. Trey lifts arm and looks at watch.

T- “I remember coming home late this morning. I should still be drunk.”

T- (Thought Balloon) “I feel super alert and nimble. If I was drunk, drugged or
sleepwalking I wouldn’t have been able to hurdle those stairs. 5:25am? What is wrong
with my watch?”

S- “Adrenaline is a powerful drug as well. Think Trey, if I was here to harm you or anyone
else I could have easily taken care of you in your sleep and rigged the building for the
team’s return.”

Page Four: Panel Four

Shot of Holmes tombstone (Thomas and Sherlock buried in mass family plot).

T- “I’ve seen the tombstone where Thomas is buried.”

S – “In the family plot right beside your great grandfather whom we both know is not
buried there either.”

Page Four: Panel Five

Trey starts to put it all together.

T- “Your responses are immediate; it’s almost as if you can read my every thought.”

S- “I’ve been rehearsing this moment in my head for years… you couldn’t imagine.”

T- “Nothing is making sense. The hangar? The watch? ”The message from Elizabeth? No
matter how illogical the situation, there must be a logical solution.”

Page Four: Panel Six

Trey’s eyes open wide; hangar in background. Trey realizes where she is. Thomas is talking off frame.
(This panel mimics next page’s first frame.)

S- “This moment in my head. You couldn’t imagine.”

T- “I know what is wrong. I know where I am.”

Page Five:

This page consists of five panels. Panel One & Two take up the top 3/10th of the page. Panel Three and
Four are landscape and take up the middle 3/10th of the page. Panel five takes up two fifth of the page.
Largest Panel) Holmes Inc. standing around family

Page Five: Panel One

Trey’s eyes open wide; head on pillow. Elizabeth is yelling off frame.

Elizabeth- “Wake up! You slept through your snooze alarm as well! We have to leave in
thirty minutes and this is really important to your father! Hurry up!

Page Five: Panel Two

Trey sits up; Elizabeth in doorway warning Trey’s dad not too impressed.

E- “By the way heads up… your Dad’s not too impressed that you came home from a
bender and went Section 8 in the hangar at 3am in the morning.”

T- (Thought Balloon) “Great work Trey.”

Page Five: Panel Three

Overhead shot of Holmes Inc. walking from van through tombstones in a graveyard. Snow covers the

Page Five: Panel Four

Trey leaning over whispering into (old) Edgar’s ear. Edgar replies.

T- “What do you say we go and get a coffee later and you know… talk about life… just you
and me.”

E- “I would like that a lot dear.”

Page Five: Panel Five

Panel of Holmes Inc. standing around looking down at family tombstone.

Holmes the Second- “Thomas would have been 50 years old today; he would have been
very proud to watch this family become what it is today. Until next we meet my brother.”


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