The Last Tango, script by Darius Fox with notes.

The Last Tango


Panel 1: Interior Mansion: Close shot of Trey and Gabriel engaged in a
passionate tango.
CAPTION: In the sweltering heat of Buenos Aires, passions can rise to create
some beautiful things.

Panel 2: Wider shot, Ryan irritated, recording everything.
CAPTION: This is not one of them

Panel 3: Trey, smiling with exhilaration is spun toward Ryan.
RYAN: I’m glad one of us is enjoying themselves.
TREY: I agree.

Panel 4:
RYAN: Be careful with this guy. I don’t trust him.
TREY: Yes… Let’s not trust the millionaire philanthropist hosting this charity
Trey is giving Ryan a withering look, implying she’s not impressed with his
jealous attitude.

Panel 5: Trey does an impressive dance move back towards Gabriel.



Panel 1: Gabriel dipping Trey
GABRIEL: I must say that you are the most beautiful thing I currently have in my
TREY: For a man who makes his living in dealing with priceless objects, that’s
quite the complement.

Panel 2: Trey and Gabriel making flirty eyes at one another while Ryan looks on.
CAPTION: I suddenly feel the need to stretch my legs.

Panel 3: Ryan fed up, decides to investigate Gabriel’s mansion by wandering the

Panel 4: Ryan stops and notices a rare painting or work of art. He stares
CAPTION: Well I certainly can’t fault him for his taste. This is a man who always
seems to get the finer things in life.

Hands are reaching for him behind Ryan’s back.


Panel 1: Exterior Mansion Balcony. Trey and Gabriel cooling off together on the
balcony staring at the night sky, Gabriel has a drink of champagne on the ledge.
One of Gabriel’s guards runs up to them quickly with a note in his hand.

Panel 2: Trey looking down at the note worried, the note is partially visible with a
polaroid of a roughed up Ryan clipped to it.
TEXT (Cursive): Sorry to interrupt your lovely evening, but we kindly request that
you meet an associate of ours at the National Library at midnight.
Gabriel looking tenderly at Trey
GABRIEL: Trey, what do you think we should do?

Panel 3: Trey staring intensely at Gabriel.
TREY: We do nothing. The note says they’re watching me, I come alone at
midnight or else they’ll kill Ryan.
Gabriel looks worried for Trey with a slight hint of satisfaction.


Panel 1: Exterior Old National Library. Gabriel’s men pull up in their car to the
library, Trey is already waiting in front of the library the and EL SOMBRA the thief
is standing half concealed in the shadows waiting for them.

Panel 2:
Lead henchman coming out of the car.
LEAD HENCHMAN: Alright little girl. You and El Sombra are going to steal a
rare copy of The Garden of Forking Paths and make sure that its theft remains
TREY: There’s no such thing as a perfect crime.
LEAD HENCHMAN: For your boyfriends sake there better be.
As the two are having this exchange El Sombra sneaks into the panel from the
shadows behind Trey.

Panel 3: Trey aware of the Thief but not looking back.
TREY: El Sombra I presume? Well… Let’s get on with it then.
Trey has an expression of determination while looking at the library.

Panel 4: Exterior Old Decaying Church.
CAPTION: They look at me and see a soft American kid.

Panel 5:
CAPTION: Mistake number one.
Guards are talking to each other in Spanish trying to intimidate Ryan, who is
bound to a chair. Ryan sits with a blank expression on his face. He’s showing
signs of being beaten up.
CAPTION: They left me conscious hoping to scare me into submission.

Panel 6:
CAPTION: Mistake number two.
Close up of Ryan’s hands in the restraints dislocating one of his thumbs.
CAPTION: I’m not going to give them a chance to make any more mistakes.


Panel 1: Interior of Library. El Sombra is going to use hi-tech piece of equipment
to disable CCTV system but Trey stops him.
TREY: Don’t! Artie would examine the altered video data and run a computer
program to restore the original footage. For this to work you can’t be physically
seen by the cameras.

Panel 2: El Sombra jumping all over the place avoiding the direction of each
camera in a display of amazing athleticism.
Trey looks on impressed.
TREY: Not bad.

Panel 3: Thief breaking into display leaves some miniscule forensic evidence
behind of his gloves fabric.
TREY: I know you think you’ve been careful, but Elizabeth can trace any physical

Panel 4: Trey holds up miniscule fibre of the glove towards El Sombra.
TREY: …Whether they’re biological or not.
El Sombra looks on a little surprised.

Panel 5: Trey and Thief about to leave but Trey stops.
TREY: I don’t know what to do. We can’t outthink Edgar. He can see things that I
may have missed.

Panel 6: The get away car pulls up while the National Library is burning. Trey
looking on bewildered.

CAPTION: After seeing what El Sombra was capable of to get what he wants, I
knew that these men weren’t planning on leaving anything or anyone behind.


Panel 1: Exterior Old Church. Trey and El Sombra at the doors of the church.
Trey is holding on to the book. El Sombra has his hand on the door of the church.
TREY: I make sure that Ryan’s okay and then you get your book. We all walk
away and I catch you another day.
El Sombra has a bemused look in his eyes.

Panel 2: Doors of the church are open showing the interior. Ryan looking at the
door is standing amidst the two guards who lay unconscious at his feet. Ryan
RYAN: What took you so long?

Panel 3: El Sombra starts fighting Trey for the book. El Sombra fights Trey with
the moves mirroring the earlier tango.

Panel 4: Trey gets spun towards Ryan that mirrors the first page
Trey whispers to Ryan
TREY: Ryan, I need your camera, now.

Panel 5: Ryan and Trey trade camera for book.
TREY: I think I know what’s going on here.

Panel 6: Trey looks at the footage and the movements are mirroring the fight
she’s having right now.
TREY: Gabriel!


Panel 1: Interior Church.
TREY: The games over Gabriel. I have my friend, I have your book and now I
have your secret. You have nothing left just give it up.
Gabriel parkeurs up to one of the stained glass windows.

Panel 2:
Gabriel unmasks himself.
GABRIEL: “A shame… We could have had such marvelous adventures together.
But you’re wrong about one thing. I still have our last tango. Until we meet again

Panel 3: Gabriel jumps out the window.
Trey is going to go after him but Ryan has his hand holding her back.
RYAN: Leave it Trey. I know you’ll catch him next time.

Panel 4: Interior Mansion.
Trey and Ryan standing together watching local police confiscating priceless
objects standing where Ryan admired the artwork earlier.
RYAN: Who would of thought a millionaire philanthropist could be capable of
TREY: Yes… I guess you have to be careful about who you trust these days.

Panel 5: Close up of Ryan and Trey. Ryan looks disappointed in himself.
CAPTION: I’ve become a liability to her; I’m the reason she might have died
tonight. She’s better off without me.
RYAN: Hey Trey… I…
TREY: I hope there won’t be any rubbish about you being a liability to me coming
out of your lips.

Panel 6: Trey with eyes downcast.
TREY: It’s my fault anyway. Having a go with you earlier, trying to get you to see
me as more than just Trey Holmes, world’s most brilliant arse kicking detective.”
Ryan has a conflicted look on his face.
RYAN: Trey I don’t…
TREY: I know.

Panel 7: Exterior of the Mansion. Trey and Ryan walking away.
RYAN: Well this is one weekend I won’t be forgetting.
TREY: Oh right, it is the weekend isn’t it? Feels like I do this everyday.

Wow, I love where this script is.  EVERY scene plays well, and the dialog is terrific.   I love the scene with the note, I love the scene with the Tango.  Ryan is  GREAT character in this story, he’s as much the hero as she is.  Thanks for making Ryan well rounded like this.  The flirting stuff off the top was just perfect.

Just a few small notes.  The burning of the National Library seems something Trey wouldn’t let happen, or at least wouldn’t walk away from calmly.  That’s knowledge burning down, and the Holmes all respect knowledge.  I know the scene is there to show how ruthless this thief was in protecting himself, but the sacrifice of the library unbalances the karma of everything.  A National Library’s destruction is a big thing.  I’d have to see Trey being pulled away forcibly, after TRYING to put out the fire, or something.  It’s out of character to walk away easily from such a disaster.

Secondly, as much as I love the old church as a great location for the last scene…toss me a line explaining why they go there after the heist.  Just one line will do it.  “This is the crumbling church I grew up in…such decay and loss…a fitting place to celebrate my latest sin, don’t you think?”  (that’s a suggestion, by no means use it…just a point about setting the scene in dialog so the church doesn’t seem confusing.

Thirdly:  The scene where Ryan escapes by dislocating his thumbs-mention the dislocating in a caption or thought balloon.  In one panel, it’s tough to sell dislocation and relocation of the thumb without explaining it.


Tidy up those two or three moments and you have an alarmingly good script.  Damn, it’s so strong, I’m giddy to see it start to have visuals.
Ty the Guy

  1. March 28, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Wow, Darius!

    You’ve done a great job of giving Trey and Ryan a unique chemistry that captures their youth and how unsure they can be, It also has a nice Thin Man/Mr and Mrs Smith vibe where they really do provide a lovely counterpoint to one another.

    – Pinc (Rob)

  2. March 28, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    I forgot to mention my fave moment when Try is unsure she can outsmart Edgar. Doesn’t mean she couldn’t one day, but she’s not there yet!

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